Exclusive Photos & Scoops from the unveiling of “Sisi Jeje” (easy chic collection)

Nextnaija was there when SISI JEJE collection was unveiled to the public on Sun, April 28th at the Social Place Victoria Island. According to Oluwunmi Funbi-Olufeko, the owner of Design4love label SISI JEJE COLLECTION “was created to exude elegance without so much fuss. Each piece was lovingly crafted with your comfort in mind while ensuring that you remain the classy woman you are” click to view all the photos from the event.

Foto by Dare Koleaje(360d Creation)



11-_DSC2481      12-_DSC2483

20-_DSC2521     09-_DSC2475

07-_DSC2468     19-_DSC2517

02-_DSC2344     01-_DSC2343

13-_DSC2493     15-_DSC2497

14-_DSC2495      04-_DSC2348

06-_DSC2458     10-_DSC2478

08-_DSC2470     21-_DSC2522

Design4Love Bags Collection:

20-mzxbbba    18-_DSC2559

17-_DSC2557    16-_DSC2555

15-_DSC2552    14-_DSC2551

13-_DSC2549    12-_DSC2547

10-_DSC2543    09-_DSC2539

08-_DSC2537    06-_DSC2576

04-_DSC2373    19-_DSC2563

Time to Shop

14-_DSC2515   15-_DSC2524

16-_DSC2525   13-_DSC2510

12-_DSC2496   11-_DSC2474

10-_DSC2457   09-_DSC2450

08-_DSC2448   07-_DSC2443

06-_DSC2435   05-_DSC2419

04-_DSC2406   03-_DSC2402

02-_DSC2395   01-_DSC2389

left(Oluwunmi Funbi-Olufeko - Owner of Design4love label)

left(Oluwunmi Funbi-Olufeko – Owner of Design4love label)

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