Photo Gallery: Complete Official Photos from Iyanya’s concert in London


The concert was a huge success from what we gathered. We say well done to Iyanya and his management team for putting together  this wonderful concert

Check out all the official photos from Iyanya’s concert held  in London over the weekend.

_EXN8314 _EXN8329 _EXN8365 _EXN8389 _EXN9080 _EXN9088 _EXN9153 _EXN9167 _EXN9174 1505_10151664287292899_1079650845_n 8612_10151664287317899_1097180180_n 181277_10151664287957899_1419265973_n 944101_10151664287307899_184421393_n 992838_10151664287982899_2042727939_n 1001770_10151664287852899_200515158_n 1001833_10151664287577899_1995198156_n

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