Photos: “Fake Bloggers, Fake News” – Peter Okoye Yells at Nigerian Bloggers after they claimed he has accepted paternity of Elshama’s Baby


Paul Okoye of P-Square has publicly denied the stories and screenshots trending on the social media that he has accepted a baby that a beauty queen Elshama had claimed was his. As reported by NigeriaFilms reports. the artiste’s PR has come out to refute the allegations.

It was earlier reported on some blogs that screenshot claiming to be Elshama and her baby was allegedly put up by Paul, but his publicists have claimed that the woman was not Elshama, but Paul’s actual baby mama, Anita.

Paul’s publicist, Square Image Associates (SIA), further stated that “the lady in the picture holding a baby is Anita who happens to be Paul’s real “Babymama” who gave birth to the singer’s first child in early 2013 in America and not Elshama as claimed here by one of Naija popular bloggers.

The publicist was amazed and disappointed by the high level of insensitivity and unprofessional conduct amongst Nigerian bloggers. SIA also frowned at the way some people are killing the noble profession of journalism with obviously untrue and unfounded information, which they feed their readers and the general public with in order to gain recognition.

So who is carrying Fake News here? Paul Okoye or Nigerian Bloggers?……. time will tell



32 thoughts on “Photos: “Fake Bloggers, Fake News” – Peter Okoye Yells at Nigerian Bloggers after they claimed he has accepted paternity of Elshama’s Baby

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