Photos: BBA The Chase Update – Zulu & Annable leave The Chase/Oneaza & Bimp Are Up For Possible Eviction This Weekend

Zambian Housemate, Sulu and Kenyan, Annabel were the latest Housemates to be Evicted from Big Brother The Chase on Sunday July 28th.
Zulu was evicted on his first shot at Eviction Nominees list. The Zambian who has never being nominated for Eviction before was used to replace Cleo by Bimp, HOH.

As for Annabel, Sunday Night became a reality for her to leave The Chase. Week after week, she was Nominated by her fellow Housemates and each time she proved to be one of the strongest contenders in The Chase with Africa saving her from the grasps of the Eviction gallows a total of four times.

Usually Mondays are not always the best days in the Chase as a housemate expects their names to come up especially if they have issues with their fellow housemates.

Oneal and Feza were spot on yesterday when they said during their Diaries that they expected their names to come up. Even though they somewhat expected it, Oneal’s jaw almost hit the floor when Biggie called out his name.

Just like last week, this week also has three people on the chop list, Oneazas are joined by former HOH Bimp who was swapped by Elikem after the latter had to save himself.


At least ‘one’ housemate will be evicted this week.

Bimp, Feza and Oneal are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote here to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

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